Lorena Castillo (aka Lo.Ca) is a Bay Area artist; born in San Francisco, California and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico where her family is from.

Lorena grew up in an artistic home; her father, Jacinto Castillo is an extraordinarily gifted classical guitar musician and her mother, Icela Castillo is a massage therapist. Lorena moved back to the Bay Area in the late 80’s and continues to travel to Mexico to visit her father and to take photographs.

Lorena took her first photography course in high school using an old Minolta 35mm camera. She continued taking photography classes at Diablo Valley College in California, where she also developed a passion for printmaking and drawing. After several years of taking art classes Lorena transferred to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, earning a degree in Professional Photography and Digital Imaging in 2006.

Lorena’s images are a unique combination of photography and hand-coloring. She shoots with an old Minolta and uses grainy 35mm film to capture her photographs. Lorena has exhibited her work at various locations and galleries in the Bay Area. Currently she lives in Martinez, CA .